21. augusti 2005

Eorna har ett påbörjat samarbete med International Federation of Perioperative Nurses/IFPN sedan en tid tillbaka. Vid mötet i Nicosia på Cypern i april 2005 fortsatte arbetet i den Perioperativa WG(arbetsgruppen inom Eorna)tillsammans med Kate Woodhead, President för IFPN. Detta ville man lyfta speciellt fram då IFPN sätter ut denna presslease på sin hemsida om samarbetet med Eorna i framtiden.


An historic meeting took place on April 22 in Nicosia, Cyprus, at the gracious hospitality of the perioperative nurses organisation of Cyprus and during the Bi-annual Spring Meeting of the European Operating Room Nurses Association.

The International Federation of Perioperative Nurses (IFPN) and the European Operating Nurses Association (EORNA), met to work together on developing a Clinical Guideline on the critical issue of Patient Safety in the Operating Department.

The organisations’ representatives worked together to pool international expertise which will be used to give guidance to nurses working in operating departments around the world, providing a reference source and principles of safe practice to influence the quality of care they deliver to surgical patients. Irini Antoniadou of Sweden, President-elect of EORNA said after the meeting “Cooperation on equal base is important for future common goals. It is important to show our human face to each other when working with issues such as perioperative nursing”

Kate Woodhead, President of IFPN also welcomed the opportunity for the two organisations to work together and congratulated the Perioperative Nursing Committee of EORNA, and Petra Scheide of Switzerland for leading the team who worked to produce the guideline. President Woodhead said “the dynamics of the group worked well, and we achieved a huge step forward for perioperative nursing around the world, when these two organisations work together for the benefits of educating nurses and improving quality of care to patients.”

President Woodhead and President of EORNA, Kristiina Junttila of Finland, have developed a five year collaborative plan that will ensure that the meeting in Cyprus was just the first step on a long journey of working together.

The guideline is due to be ratified in the autumn of this year and published at the EORNAC Conference in Dublin in May 2006.

Notes: EORNA is an organisation comprising representatives of 24 countries throughout Europe and approximately 35,000 perioperative nurses. The EORNA Board meets twice annually in different areas of Europe. Every three years, EORNA organises a congress for operating room nurses. The next one will be held in Dublin, Ireland, on May 25-28, 2006.

IFPN is a Federation of Perioperative Nursing Organisations representing 90,000 perioperative nurses from 14 nations around the world.